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First up... notice the 'sharing bag' label... I know.. nearly as funny as those stickers on the back of 're-sealable' bags of chocolate! like THAT'S a thing!!! Who RE-SEALS an empty bag of chocolate?!?! bahahahahahahaha ... ahhh people who make snacks are funny... 

So... this week, some more savoury treats... popcorn... we're coming into the winter now and we're all nestling down under the duvets watching LOVE/HATE ... but unlike our cave cousins we don't need to build up layers of fat in case we run out of food... we're stocked up 24/7 these days although our bodies are programmed to think differently! So snack lightly!

Note the varying weights in all the bags, even within the same brand... something to keep your eye on when you're pointing 10g can make a difference! 

Metcalfe's "sharing bag" *sniggers*
Heat 'n' Sweet 75g bag is 9PP

Metcalfe's Sweet 'n' Salt 80g bag is 11PP

Metcalfe's Sargent Salt 70g bag is 10PP

Tyrrell's Sweet & Salty 80g bag is 10PP

Tyrrell's Sea Salted 70g bag is 11PP

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