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Snuggly Drinks...

Its that time of year when we get all warm and fuzzy watching the tellybox and start raiding the kitchen for goodies... and halloween and Christmas bring nothing but chocolate treats all shiny and pretty!

Hot Chocolate is a great quick fix, even chucking in a few marshmallows helps the sugar cravingly adding 1 PP!

So my personal fav is the Aldi Hot Chocolate.. but here's some of the hot chocs out there at the moment... 

Wispa Hot Choccy - 3PP per serving 

Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate - 1PP per serving 

Nescafe Gingerbread Latte - 2PP per serving 

Aero Hot Choc - 3PP per serving 

Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate with Caramel - 1PP per serving 

Aldi Hot Choc light - 1PP per serving 
My personal fav... 

Marks & Spencer 1PP per serving

Marks & Spencer 4PP per 35g serving

Marks & Spencer 2PP per 18g serving

Marks & Spencer 2PP per 15g serving

If you've got a favourite low PP drink add it to the comments below!

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  1. Good post, I love a nice hot chocolate! I was down 4lbs this week in the Christmas challenge. Feeling a lot more positive this week. Thanks!


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