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Halloween Brack!

A quick recipe post!

I'm not a big fruitcake person.. gimme a 'sponge' (by sponge I clearly mean cupcake!) any day but there's something about brack and Halloween that I love... My downfall is the thick layer of butter that goes with it...  I'm drooling as I type I swear! *note to self NEVER blog hungry!*

Today in class Michelle... my amazing leader, who really needs to write a cookbook, made her version of Halloween brack which, the way way, costs less than a euro to make AND you don't need butter on it! It's a great recipe for your Christmas cake too for 'the visitors' as my family call them! Other tips in the class were adding cinnamon and glazing it with and egg was to make it all shiny and fancy! 

AAANNNNDDD... the bags of Mixed Fruit are available in ALDI for 59c at the moment too! so BARGAIN!

Pop the mix into a 2lb loaf tin like so...  

No butter required and it smells like Christmas! 

Go forth and bake! 

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