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For those of us in Ireland... it's the last bank holiday of the year... UK your turn next week, yes? ... it's the last Monday off before Christmas for most of us... and whilst the weather is the usual miserable rain and wind... just remember... it's just ONE day... the same 24 hours that we would have had if it wasn't a bank holiday.. so there's no need to lose the plot this week! The damage you can do in 24 hours is incredible and once its over all you'll feel is guilty and you can just give up and say 'feck it ... I just can't do it, there's no point then have a bun... and the fact that you have to UNDO the damage hurts even more... No one said you can't have a little fun... but don't think you can write off the week because you over did it... Shoulders back... chins up... OK only I have many chins.. but you know what I mean... and face the week afresh! It's just one day x


  1. Thanks for this post skinny doll... I am feeling very guilty today but not goin to give in , I had hen night over the weekend and was so mad with myself over the food and all the drink I drank that I went on a right binge of food yesterday :( why do I do this to myself ?? So this morning I got up had my lemon in hotwater a long brisk walk and planning on drinking 2ltr of water with lemon in it . I have no weekies left doin f&h what to do till wi Wednesday :/

  2. I too lost the run of myself over the weekend and now am disgusted with myself for allowing it to happen once again. It really is a vicious circle for me - and sometimes I feel I am destined to be fat all my life. I ate everything that passed in front of me all weekend and I swear even the cats and dogs were eyeing me warily in case I grabbed one of them!!!!!!! I have started back on track today and hopefully will not show too much of a gain on Wed. Any tips greatly appreciated Skinny Doll and congrats on your amazing weightloss x

    1. Take it one meal at a time... and sit down and remember WHY you want it... sometimes you just need a little break from it all and don't let one day ruin all your hard work.. we all do it.. but its not giving up that counts xxx Email me if you're stuck x


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