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Dec 8, 2013

Veg out…. Week 12

Brussels sprouts are misunderstood - 
probably because most people don't know 
how to cook them properly.

Todd English 

This week… try a new veggie… just the one… something you've never tried before… something you maybe feel is a bit 'meh' and your mother always made you eat them… Sprouts… sprouts are my nemesis… teeny tiny wilty mushy cabbages… that I push around the plate at christmasI This week… its all about sprouts… I've googled… 

and there's tonnes of ways for me to try em… and I'm going to try… really try… so that this christmas the jokes about sprouts and my inner fears are a thing of the past! 

Everyones got their favorites… love a carrot I do… roast parsnips, I'm in… stir fried veggies, hell yes! But variety is the spice of life… and counting lettuce in your burger isn't a veggie… sorry! 

So… next time you're in the supermarket… or at the grocery shop… pick up something you've never tried before… or try something new with a veggie you're getting bored with… I bought courgettes this week to make this >>>

If you don't eat any veggies… get some frozen or pre prepared packs… some people hate all the peeling and prep that goes into it… personally I love that bit, i find it therapeutic… and just have one for dinners…. if you love your veg and eat loads… then try something new or try to add a veggie to breakfast and lunch too!  Add some mushrooms to your scrambled eggs… spinach is lovely with eggs too, make an egg white omlette with peppers, mushroom and onion … delicious!!! as for lunch… the zero pro point soup is full of veggie goodness! and try to eat fresh.. if you hate veggies and you've only ever eaten them out of a tin, its understandable… fresh is the way to go… 

Experts say we should eat 5 a day to maintain a healthy diet, so this week… try to make at least 3 of those 5 veggies… its a lot easier than you think it is… and bonus - most of em are zero points! The more you can bulk up your plate with delicious veg the fuller you are of vitamins, fiber and all the goodness and no saturated fat! Win - win!

You don't have to be perfect to be a success… If all you do this week is go from eating NO veggies to eating ONE per day, you have done something good for yourself and your body … It is worth it, and over time, it gets easier and yes you CAN do it… 

Two weeks left on the challenge… everyone's doing so well! Skinny for Santa indeed! 


  1. hi
    Down 2lbs this week :) Pauline

    1. Fantastic! You've done SO well! can you email me? my email is in my profile x

  2. Hey Doll, +3lbs this week, not surprised after my 2 weeks off for weddings and weekends away!! But I've 2 more Weigh in's to go to get the scales moving down down down!! Eeek! Time is flying

    1. Life is to be lived… as long as you enjoyed every second WW will still be there… and all the fab memories are worth it! xxx

  3. Hi Doll. Must try that egg white omelette - sounds yummy! Down half a pound this week. FitFab40

    1. I'll be posting more recipes in the new year but here's what they're like… whisk loads and it can double in size for those of us who eat with their eyes!

  4. hey Doll down 2lbs last week which brought me to 3stone down since beginning of septemeber have 7lbs to goal and xmas party tomoro nite being friday 13th have weigh in tonight.. had a bug yday so wont be ancurate reading but to hell with it its nearly xmas xx

  5. Down 3.5 last week and .5 this week one weigh in left before Christmas! Birthday Party and Work party this weekend