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Cravings - week 8!

ssshhhhhh can you hear it calling for you?

You know they're there… you can hear them calling your name.. screaming from that kitchen cupboard you 'hid' them in… and that conversation in your head starts… 

'NO.. I got them for visitors…' 

'but I could have just one… '

'but would you REALLY have just one?!'

'No I'm going to open them and take two to have as a snack...
I'll track them and close them up and that's that…
I mean two biscuits won't kill me…'

Thing is there will be more than two .. and its not really about the biscuits, its about WHY you wanted them! Angry? bored? happy? lonely? Emotions that we feel we can satisfy with a cookie… sadly it doesn't work like that.. you're going to be even angrier, sadder, lonelier afterwards... 'WHY did I have to eat those.. I wasn't even hungry?!?' Its hard to stop mid cookie and think 'why am I doing this?' and honestly.. how many of us are going to put half the cookie back and have a think?! exactly! 

Anyone ever craved an apple?! thought not!

What we need is a diversion! A plan to keep us out of the goodie jar! as well as keeping the goodie jar empty!

We all have an endless list of little jobs that need attention… if it diverts you from food .. DO IT! Nail polish stops me eating crisps! You can't paint greasy nails… and you can't stick your fingers into a bag with wet polish!  All the nice comments I get about my nails and the mad stuff I try to do to them has kept me from eating crisps... I'm not that person who has all the will power to just say no... they know my name and I brought them into my home... but I'm not ruining my lovely nails cause I'm feeling a bit low!

Anyone else have a little drawer that's full of 'stuff' that you're always going to 'sort out'? keys, concert tickets, wine corks we can't throw away… go sort it…

Wandering aimlessly about the kitchen is a recipe for disaster! You're not hungry… work out what you really are and sort THAT out! have a good cry… put on your favorite tune and dance about the kitchen…  the guilt, weight gain, sluggishness and sadness aren't worth that cookie! If after 15 mins you still want something then have a piece of fruit or a glass  of water and don't ruin all your hard work because there's nothing on telly and you're home alone… 

you all look like this doing your chores yeah?

Whats needed is a list… a list of chores and things that don't involve eating! 

Walk the dog… 
Wash the dishes… 
read a magazine… 
call a friend… 
paint your nails (you all know where I stand on that one!) 
clean the toilet - trust me the smell of bleach will put you right off eating!
sort out paperwork… 
check the battery in the smoke alarm… 
dust that top shelf… 
shave your legs… 
prep veggies for dinner…
make your lunch… 
walk around the block.. 
walk out the front door and walk for 5 mins… then you have to come home!
and the one that never fails... 

brush your teeth… 

So… write a list... stick it somewhere.. every time you get the urge, read the list and do something on it! If you're anything like me you LOVE crossing things off lists!

Have a great week... 6 weeks to go! 


  1. *7/11-
    +2lb this was my NYC holiday gain, we did lots of walking!
    *I have a goal of 9lbs to lose for so in the zone!
    Brushing teeth is always good
    But I find not having any goodies in the house is the only way to go for me! They call my name from the kitchen.....I buy some choc/crisp/jellies like once or twice a week rather than having it everyday.
    Good luck
    Bellabelly xx

    1. 2 lbs after a trip to NYC is pretty good!!! The portions and the food over there are amazing!!! and you've pretty much lost it! Well done… I agree… If you buy them.. you eat them… hence go food shopping AFTER you've eaten! lol x

  2. Sorry it's been so long since I checked in. I was away and found it so hard to get back into the swing of things when I got back. My weight went up and then back down to where it was before I left so now I'm down 0.5 lb for this week :) I'm signing back up to weight watchers next week though.
    I'm with Bellabelly-not having them in the house is the only way for me. Last night I had a serious chocolate craving. I'm ashamed to admit I made my other half get dressed and drive to tesco with me at 11.30 at night for the sole purpose of buying chocolate. I find it easier to do without sweet things if I go cold turkey for a week and then I tend to stop craving them as much. So that's the plan for this week-go cold turkey :)
    NikkiBluEyes xx

    1. Try sweet things that aren't so high in fat.. sugar free jelly made with diet 7UP is a real sweet fix.. make hot chocolate and use the mini marshmallows, it lasts long than a chocolate bar too! Sorbets or skinny cow ice creams are handy to have too… WW bars (although I get a bit sick of them TBH…) and you're in control cause you haven't gained… hang in there.. x

  3. I really like the nail varnish one :) Down 2.5pds this week.

    1. It really helps me… you can't have nice nails and eat crisps! well done! -2.5! Here's my new addiction

  4. hi
    great post, down 1 lb this week :) Pauline

    1. Excellent! Slow and steady.. healthy way to lose it! x well done

  5. hey there down 4lbs this week xx roll on xmas challenge have a good week :)

    1. Fantastic! You're a machine! Santa will barely feel you on his knee! well done! x

  6. I stayed the same this week. Didn't track and it shows. Pen and paper at the ready for both the lists and tracking :-)

    1. I hate when the leader is always right.. I didn't track this week and lost the run of myself at the weekend… up 1! All deserved! Like you I'm tracking the amount of oxygen I'm using! x

  7. Hye Doll,, Nail varnish is also my trick to keep me from picking.. and it keeps the blog going with posts too. so tis win win for me :) I'd a great week. Everything came together nicely for me.
    I was down 1.5 on the scales (up 2 in muscle & down 4 in body fat)
    So I'm a happy bunny... I'm bridemaid on Sat... so I'll be extra good this week again before the madness and booze :)

    1. Exactly… I'm doing a revamp on here in the new year and definitely going to add the polishes everyone always asks about the on instagram… well done on the loss and enjoy the wedding.. life is to be lived.. we'll be here when you get back x

  8. +2. It's not been going well!

    1. deep breathe.. take one thing this week and do it.. track.. or the water… or exercise… or the soup… don't get swamped in it all… no one can do it all… lives too short! Stick with it… just take your time.. x

  9. Sorry haven't been posting. Missed 1 week + 2, -3,-1,-2. Proves I can't miss a week. Think I'll be weighing every week for life.

  10. Am I too late to join this challenge? Been going to WW now for 7 weeks and only came across this blog today! Had my weigh in today and am down 2lbs, so thats a total of 12lbs since I started! Going to try and drink loads of water this week....and soup!!



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