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and so to sleep… WEEK 11

'If we were meant to 'POP" out of bed… 
we would sleep in toasters!' 

We've all done it… nodded off on the couch watching people in an Australian jungle eat grubs… and have you ever wondered why even after a good sleep you still feel wrecked? Sleep is SO important… There's SO much research on this..  

Not just for weight loss but for all health problems… a good nights sleep is great for you eyes, your skin, your digestion… that's why a midnight feast is such bad thing… your body needs sleep to recharge and recuperate after the day… your feet need a break from carting you about and your mind needs to be still… easy huh?! 

Some nights it just won't happen… and although you lay awake for hours… come the morning you need to be peeled from the duvet and you feel even more exhausted than when you got in!

You all know the obvious tips… 

No coffee before bed… 
Don't eat a heavy meal… or junk food… the indigestion will kill you… 
Get a routine so you're in bed at the same time every night… 
Keep you're bed room for sleep and the fun stuff… no iPads, iPhones, googling or otherwise… 
Exercise every day… I find a walk in the evening after dinner seems to make me sleep better… 

and there's LOADS of excuses.. 

'I'm too busy'… all the mothers out there are nodding… it's prob the only time of day when you do get 5 mins to yourself… but like the little people… routine will help.. turning off the box.. those nutters in the jungle will still be there tomorrow and you still won't know who they are… make a decision to switch off the gadgets… do your skincare routine… brush you teeth… and hop in under the duvet.. you might be called to check monsters under the bed… but you'll deal with them and back to it… if you really cannot sleep.. read… you'll nod off.. and if nothing else your body is resting as it should and recharging for tomorrow… 

Have a bath… get the other half to give you a foot rub… play some soothing music… get black out curtains if the early morning sun or street lights are keeping you up… NO booze… although you might think it's helping… the middle of the night loo dash and the indigestion is going to get you up in the wee (pardon the pun) hours!

A friend of mine keeps a notepad beside her bed… she writes out her stresses and worries and once they're on paper… they're out of her head… Worries will still be there in the morning but if you spend all night worrying you'll be in no fit state to do anything productive about them… 

Even if you're not sleeping… being in bed is good for you… have a kiss and a cuddle… even a bit of giggity is good for some activity points! Sex actually helps you sleep with all the feel good endorphins… Just no fighting! 

Give yourself an extra 5 mins wake up time too… a good stretch makes all the difference to waking up properly and getting the blood flowing… 

Your body will thank you and if you're not sneaking munching and nibbling watching telly all night… you will be helping your weight loss! As my leader says… when an ad for chocolate comes on the  telly … we all want a bar… but when the ad for washing powder comes on, we don't' all jump up and put a load of washing on!

Thanks to @quinlivan for his guest post last week… he's such an inspiration! 

Last week my leader gave us the 'kick in the pants' lecture and EVERYONE was down this week… it was just what was needed… so this week I'm down 5.5lbs! I KNOW RIGHT… get a look at my tree! 

1 month to go… so close now… think about how you'll feel in January if you write all your hard work off now… 

Lots of Christmas type posts coming in the next couple of weeks…  T'is the season and all! 


  1. I love sleep. .i woudl list it as one of my top 3 hobbies :):)
    Well Done Doll on the brill weight loss this week :)
    I missed last weeks weigh in as my best friend got married and I'm also missing this weeks cuz I'm away for the wkend!! I'm being nice saying that I STS as I'm probably up from al lthe boozing n eating out!
    But I'll be back too it come Monday and I'll have a number to report next week :)

  2. well done great weight loss, im down 1.5 lbs this week :) Pauline

  3. Wow Doll, great loss! I was only down a half pound...but at least it was a minus. FitFab40

    1. And I was down 1.5lbs today! FitFab40

  4. Wow you are doing really well. Think you missed my comment from yesterday - Sorry haven't been posting. Missed 1 week + 2, -3,-1,-2. Proves I can't miss a week. Think I'll be weighing every week for life.

  5. Well done Doll what a fantastic loss this week I am down another 3 pounds 9 pounds till goal range super excited have a good week..

    1. fantastic! Can you email me? Its in my profile.. x

  6. Love the motivation. Thank you :)

  7. Wow 5.5 lb well done!!! I was down 1 lb this week finally!!!

    1. Well done missy! its slow and steady but on the right track! xxx

  8. Am I too late to join this challenge? Been going to WW now for 7 weeks and only came across this blog today! Had my weigh in today and am down 2lbs, so thats a total of 12lbs since I started! Going to try and drink loads of water this week....and soup!!


    1. Probably a bit late for this one… but there'll be another one in spring… 12lbs is amazing! well done! x

  9. I forgot to post! Anyway lost 1.5 pounds last week and another 1 pound this week.

  10. Wow Doll down 5.5lb that's amazing
    I'm literally at a standstill I think I have stayed the same for a few weeks now
    I've had a wedding,a wknd away,a birthday week of fab indulgence, and am probably even up
    I'm going back to my Thursday meetings this week and going back to the gym on Wednesday
    I'm focused again for the Xmas Goal..
    Bellabelly x

    1. its the season of parties and all that goes with them.. I'm guaranteed to be up after last weekends indulgence… but life is to be lived, its all about balance and we will get there xxx


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