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The View between the Trees...

This week I needed an almighty kick up the pants! A messy week and a week of me playing games with myself… I went to class and was actually HAPPY to be up only 1lb ... this weeks challenge post has been replaced with a guest post from Mr. Q … regulars on here know of his successful journey to date and his amazing achievements and how he's struggled like we all do… When it came into my email, I just knew people would appreciate it this week … a bit of reflection is whats needed sometimes … His blog can be found >>> HERE <<< ... you running types will LOVE it…  next weeks post is on going to bed… and not for the fun stuff! Post your weigh ins below… chart will be up Sunday… Doll x

The View between the Trees

By @quinlivan

When things are going well, you see the world in a completely different light. Everything is amazing, everyone is amazing, losing weight is easy. It’s what happens when you hit a bump in the road that determines really how “well” things are going.

It’s the middle of November and I weigh (on the scales) the exact same as I did in June. I’ve had good weeks and bad weeks. I’d had weeks where you could offer me every single one of my vices double dipped in chocolate and I’d refuse. I’ve had weeks where I’ve eaten dark chocolate (gross) or those manky CafĂ© Noir biscuits just because they were the only thing I could get my hands on.
Like the quote above says, life is 90% how you react to something. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had weeks where I have been so fed up with pro-pointing and so sick of looking at fruit. Being good all the time is hard work – especially when you aren’t seeing the results you are expecting.
I’ve said this before, but if you had told me in the Summer 2012 that over the course of the following year I would lose 7st I would have looked for the Republic of Telly/Candid Camera crew. I never believed in me and I proved myself wrong. Now, if you told me at the start of this summer that come November I would weigh the exact same – one of two things would have happened.
1 – I would have stopped. After all, why bother continuing to be ‘good’ if I am not going to lose any more weight?
2 – I wouldn’t have believed you (after all I’ve been successful so far) and would have continued on with great enthusiasm.
Unfortunately, this fortune telling power does not exist. No-one today can tell me or you for fact where we will be in 6 weeks time let alone 6 months. All we can do is take a guess at where we will be. Luckily, I tend to undershoot instead of overshoot where I think I’ll be but fear is a powerful motivator.
Regardless of where you are on your weight journey, just close your eyes and picture “Where will I be in 6 months time if I quit now?” and I can guarantee you, you won’t be in a better position than if you continue now. This thought alone is what has kept me going back to my weigh-in week after week.
As I look back at myself and where I’ve come from, it’s really easy to not see the wood from the trees – I tend to look back in a straight line, like tunnel vision. However when I take a step back and look at my journey since the summer, so much more has happened other than remaining the same weight. If I turn to the side and look between the trees, I can see each of the other things that have happened to me along the way.
While everyone is on a different journey with different goals, we can’t forget to not only look back at where we started, but also to look left and right. Look at the opportunities we have had that we might not have had, had we not started out in the first place. Look at the people we’ve met (good, bad or indifferent) either through Weight Watchers or because you felt that bit better about yourself one weekend and you went out, or you didn’t dress all in black.
I have to say I take huge stock in my Non Scale Victories. These are the light between the trees that shine the path along my journey. And another thing, regardless of how far away your goal may seem, and no matter how out of reach you think it is, I know the journey will be clustered with the dappled light of unexpected Non Scale Victories.
My path hasn’t been smooth, nor has it been easy – but looking back I can now see how worthwhile it has been. So my advice to you now is… Don’t forget to check out the view between the trees. It’s nice there.


  1. Oops...up a half pound! But I was away for the weekend so I suppose it could have been a lot worse. Have been very good since weigh-in so expect a loss next Wed. FitFab40

  2. Oh Doll I don't know what's happening with me lately Seem to be losing my willpower STS this week again Not doing too good the last few weeks but reading this has helped me stay positive about things It's easy to get disheartened looking at the figure on the scales and forget what you have achieved For me it's being able to run up the stairs after my kids to bring them to bed and not be too out of breath to read them a bed time story! Well done Mr Q. Wow u must feel so proud looking at your before and after picture!! Thanks for the encouragement as ever's to a better week!!

  3. Hey there Doll down 3lbs this week xx 4 more weeks till santy comes..

  4. Great post Mr. Q! I'm down 2lbs this week, another half pound and I get my 50lb Cert!

  5. Great motivation just when i needed it.. i was going to skip class tonight because i feel off the wagon.. not anymore!


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