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Pace yourself! Week 7!

The secret of staying young is...
 to live honestly,
 eat slowly, 
and lie about your age.
Lucille Ball

My attempt at pumpkin cookies, small but FULL of flavour - 2PP each!

You all know my love of cooking… I've been known to spend hours in the kitchen experimenting… peeling.. chopping… icing… messing with flavours etc… all the love can end up going two ways... I either can't stand the sight of what I've cooked cause I'm sick of looking at it, stirring it and icing it … or it can be hoovered in minutes…  

ah bless her she's a happy soul... but I don't mean THIS kinda hoover!

If only it was this easy eh!?

Hoovered … Ever eat a sandwich in the car and forget you had it? Ever open a packet of biscuits and glance moments later to see half of them gone? and did you even enjoy it?! Whatever about portion control… and yes that's a HUGE factor in weight loss… mindful eating is SO important…  

A lot of fresh air for sale in a bag of crisps!

That moment when you put your hand in the family size bag of crisps and there's only air… THAT's what I'm talking about!

If you eat too fast.. your brain hasn't time to register that you're actually full till you're about to burst…  that uncomfortable bloated feeling… that Christmas dinner feeling… that you could sleep for a week or just throw up! It takes 20 mins for your brain to register that your tummy is full… 20 mins! Its a lot longer than you think..

Home made chicken curry

Paying attention to what you eat, taking the time for it to register can stop the over eating that leads to weight gain … take a meal.. say 'this is my dinner' … sit down to eat it… not on your lap… Don't eat from the pot as its cooking THEN give yourself a nice big portion, this is my downfall when I cook pasta… 'sure I'm just checking to see if its ready' ten times! Taste each bite... engage with it... enjoy the smell of it... the textures … the colours… the seasonings... spices… ENJOY your food… and appreciate it! Not to go all 'mammy' on you but not everyone has the luxury of 3 meals a day... so a little gratitude to boot!

Breakfast smoothie... the colours alone make my mouth water!

With snacks… take one crisp at a time... I know I know... The crisp queen has finally lost it… but try it... chew each one… enjoy the flavour and once you're done… take another… be aware of of your paw going into the packet again and again… its not easy when you're used to munching through a bag in minutes… 

Its easy to be distracted… and when I get home from work going straight to the cupboard because I'm STARVING!!! Be prepared for that… what works for me is to freeze my soup in small portions… stick a cup of soup in the microwave from the freezer when you go to work in the morning.. when you come in… zap it straight away and satisfy those 'I'm wasting away…' feelings… it will keep you from the bread box… with butter and god only knows what else! Another way to get over that 'My throats been cut!!!!' panic mode .. is to plan your snacks.. have a banana in the car.. an apple.. eat a yoghurt before you leave work… drink a litre of water… so when you arrive at the kitchen to make your meal… you're able to make it without pinching a biscuit as you go… 

Whilst eating your food… the classic 'put your knife and fork down between each bite' WORKS! Who knew?! Take a breather… chat with the family… 'how was your day?' 'did you get soaked in that shower too?'.. taking little breather lets your brain catch up with your stomach… A study showed that animals who were interrupted with a short break in their meals, consumed less calories overall than those without a pause in the meal… don't just wolf it down…  

The world is a fast place… our grannies and granddads sat down to all their meals and enjoyed them.. taking dinner time as family time… time with house mates, friends..  time to catch up with each other… geez even round the camp fires the cave men had an auld chin wag! and they were proper hungry!

Taking your time means you become aware of what you're putting in your body… you enjoy your food more… and you'll realize you get fuller LONG before you thought you would!

Its actually a lot harder than it sounds… but this week give it a go… it a good habit to get into … and to create a habit you only need to do it 21 times! 3 times a day for the week!

7 SEVEN weeks left on the challenge… half a stone people! 
Half a stone for New Years Eve??? Lets do it...! 


  1. HEY doll down one pound this week aiming for another 6pounds in the next 6weeks xxx hope you had a good week xx

  2. Unfortunately I'm going to have to leave the challenge due to ill health. Sorry!! KellyG

  3. Hi Doll Am sorry to say that Halloween got the better of me and I was up 2lb this week Shocking!! Have joined the gym so starting that on Wed and hopefully it will boost things a bit

  4. Hi Doll. Stayed the same this week...which wasn't too bad after Halloween, I suppose! Trying to be down for next week so sticking to my propoints and doing everything I should (but I am on antibiotics since last Monday so will have to wait and see if they have any negative effect!). FitFab40

  5. Hi Doll, down 0.5pd this week! better than nothing! molls x

  6. Hi love,

    Was down half a lb this week!

  7. Hey Doll,
    Great post and some fab tips.. I've been sick the last 2 weeks with head colds and I've been starvin marvin! so its like this post was written for me:)
    I was up 2lbs this week, but I'm over the worse now so I'll stop pity eating and get back to good

    1. Nothing worse than being sick... it sends your metabolism all over the shop and everything tastes like lemsip! eurggh... 2 is nothing in the bigger picture! You'll lose that no probs! x


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