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Your eyes may deceive you...

Something for those of the savoury persuasion, since its snack week!! The 'Shaper' products are all listed as 'healthy snacks' but many are higher in points than the crisps they're trying to copy... be careful out there... 

Snack-a-jacks Crunchy Curls in Sweet Chilli Kick - 2pp per 22g bag

Shapers Thai Sweet Chilli Cassava Snack - 2pp per 20g bag
These are nice and spicy and 1 bag will def give you a fix!  

Shapers Sour Cream & Chive Flavour Crispy Discs - 3pp per 21g bag
Bit like cardboard to be honest not worth wasting 3PPs!  

Shapers Salt & Vinegar Chipsticks - 3pp per 21g bag
These taste OK but for an extra point you can have the real thing and more of em!  

Shapers Ready Salted Rings - 3pp per 20g bag
Plain hula hoops if you will...  

Shapers Sour cream and jalapeƱo popcorn - 2pp per 20g bag

Lovely and not too spicy and for 20g you get a lot more snack...  

Shapers Prawn Cocktail Shells - 3pp per 20g bag

Not a patch on Skips flavour wise and a propoint more!  


  1. Where did you get the snack-a-jack curls? they look yum!!!

  2. Hmmm... Those bags all look empty....


    1. Some are... All taste tested watching Love Hate with the gals!

  3. Hey Doll, I missed my weigh in last week but I lost 1lb this week!


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