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H to the O... yo… week 4!

a little one bed I'm thinking I should do up and live in... 

Firstly, Apologies I'm a day late and all kinds of 'jet lagged' ... ahem ... chart will be updated on this post tomorrow... I want to go through all the comments and make sure I don't miss any body out … 

This week, week 4 (HOW did that happen so fast!) its all about water... 

The recommended intake for a healthy adult is generally a minimum of 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Here's a  Hydration Calculator ... it's good as a guide..... 

Tap Tips… 

1. Find your source. In most places in tap water is just as good as most bottled water, so don't feel like you have to buy your water. If you do live in an area with lime or hard water or the taste of chlorine is strong then invest in a  filter jug… they're in most shops and keep it topped up… 

2. Drink and Drive!
Leave a bottle everywhere… by your desk, at the sink, beside the kettle, in the car beside your bed… there's no excuse not to have a glass or mug for your water intake so whenever you see it.. you'll drink some… its a great habit to get into!

3. How do you take it?  Cold? Get a jug for the fridge... Room temp? Leave the jug on the counter... Or drink from the tap if you like... Iced? Be sure you have some ice trays full every night... Be prepared... Flavor? Don't like plain water? If you can't stand water, try putting a slice of fresh lemon, lime, or orange in your glass. Get juicing.... Add some sugar free cordial.. whatever helps you to drink more then do it… if all else fails, just drink it and quit moaning! You'll get used to it... and feel better for it!

Freeze slices of lemon... I sound like the boy scouts but ALWAYS be prepared!

4. Every morning, first thing in your mouth before anything else, drink a glass of water. Your body WANTS it, 74% of you is water and feels so much better... Then, have a glass with every meal, it does help fill you faster and you tend to eat a bit less. Even if you are just sitting down to have ONE biscuit, have a glass of water first…  you'll snack less! Drink a glass when you *think* you are hungry or want to eat… you're not hungry.. you're thirsty!

5. Go one-for-one at happy hour... When you're enjoying a cocktail or three at happy hour, try to drink at least one glass of water (or, even just half a glass) for every alcoholic drink you take down. It's a great way to heal the hangover and munchies that come with it the next day too...

6. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. Its not always easy to remember.. But when I do it, I notice that I don't hoover my food as fast when I sit down to eat my meal normally...

7. AND.. remember that when you exercise you need to replenish those lost fluids… all common sense!

Water increases your metabolism, flushes out toxins, gives you clearer skin, relieves tiredness, helps digestion and so much more all for ZERO calories!

New chart up tomorrow and back posting in full swing on Monday! 
From the posts I see everyones doing great!



  1. Hiya
    I was down 1.5 lbs this week....thanks
    Bellabelly xx

  2. OoohThat beach hut looks so inviting!!! Down 1.5 lb this week Happy days :-)
    Jojo xx

  3. Hi

    Im down 2 lbs this week

  4. down 1.5 this week thrilled got to keep this up :) xx 16.5lbs in 5 weeks :)

  5. Down 1lb this week :) nikkiblueyes

  6. Hi doll, hope you had a fab hol, welcome back. STS the week, was a bit disappointed as I stayed well within my points for the week. This week I hope to have better news x

  7. Last two weigh in's - down 1.5, up 1.. Onwards and upwards! :) noelle

  8. i'm not part of the weight loss team but i do look at this blog every day, a few times a day :) joined ww last week , down 6.5lbs :D long way to go. x

  9. I stayed the same this week but I'm happy with that!
    Mally x

  10. Hey Doll, I lost 4.5lbs this week! I had gained loads the week before so it was just balancing off from that. Fingers crossed for this week as I'm 3lbs away from my 3 stone.

  11. Hi,
    Posted loss last week but don't see it now - I missed first two weeks, then had -3 and -2, have yet to weigh in this week. Good to have you back, am off to fill my pint glass with water now :)

  12. Hi Doll, didn't make weigh in last week so have weighed in for this week tonight -2.5 . definitely going to freeze lemons to increase my water intake

  13. Hey Doll,
    Down 2lbs this week, so I'm back on it now :) Great tips in above post as always :)
    Hope you had a fab hol xx

  14. HI doll!

    i was up a lb this week again! hoping ofr a big loss this week! Seemed to have hit a plataeu again :(

  15. Hope you had a great hol, Doll. My figures for the chart are +1, -2.5, 0 and -2 so this challenge is working well for me with a total loss of 4.5lbs so far. Must start drinking the water now to help get rid of some more lbs! FitFab40

    1. Oops, that should have read a total loss of -3.5lbs! But I was up a half pound at my weigh-in yesterday (even though I did everything correctly all week so it was a shock!) total loss is now only 3lbs. But will keep being good and so should have a great loss next week!!!!!! FitFab40

  16. Hi Doll,
    back to reality - coming back from hols is hard but gets you motivated for the next one! I stayed the same again last week, this week -5lbs. In the words of U2 - "she moves, in mysterious ways" ;)
    Misty x

  17. Morning Doll
    Down another pound this week.Slowly ,slowly........
    The Miss


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