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Trick or Treat??!!

yep.. the little feckers are coming! looking for all your goodies too!
Trick or treat?! well whats it to be? do you trick yourself with some clever ProPoints maths or treat your body like a rubbish bag and undo all the hard work! 


Stay Focused! 
You've got Christmas in your sights.. its just one day and the goodies are for kids... not you... 

If you're going out to trick or treating... have a bowl of zero ProPoint soup... make up a low  PP fruit smoothie... a baked potato, whatever .. just be full ... that the thought of adding chocolate to your stomach just sounds uncomfortable... 

Apple teeth are SO easy to do... slice em up... 
peanut butter and mini marshmallows! Simples!

Plan YOUR treat... you're marching about the neighbourhood, you come home knowing you've got your activity points and your weeklies to enjoy a dessert, a well earned bottle of wine, a chicken curry... what ever it is... its your treat to look forward too... instead of feeling sickly on chocolate bars and junk.. you know your favourite take out is there for you when its all done!

Banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins, practically point free!

I'm making these bad boys for Halloween! Mini Mummies!
Stay tuned!

Spooky stuffed pumpkin peppers...

Don't buy the goodies for the tricksters until the actual day of Halloween OR be very good at hiding stuff, stick it in the garage, shed, wardrobe till you need it... if it's sitting on the kitchen worktop.. it'll be opened and hoovered!

These are amazing, take a few minutes to make and look so cool.. and are zero PP! 

Do a little Halloween basket just for you! Work out the mini bars and biscuits or crisps and have them! You know exactly how many ProPoints are in there and you can nibble away till they're all gone! 

Make some Halloween treat for every one that's fun and healthy! You know I love my sugar free jelly and there's ALWAYS some in my fridge! Get creative with colours and some spooky wine gums... 

Carving pumpkins? You can come away with more than a spooky jack-o-lantern. Roast the pumpkin seeds, and have some as a snack. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein, fiber and iron...

Expecting trick-or-treaters? Buy stuff you don't like! Not a Licorice fan... Dolly mixture all the way! Trick yourself!!

If you're having a bit of a 'do'.. then get creative.. there's LOADS of ideas out there! Mr. Pumpkin platter (below) would go down a storm with some chilli and garlic dips... Nearly Point free! The freaky frozen ICE hand (above) is easy! Some juices and your fav tipple for the adults and you stay in control! 

Going to a Halloween party? Turn heads in your costume! Eat before you get there so you're not hungry and picking at the snacks!!!

Frankenstein fans check this link >>> HERE <<< for FAB ideas... LOVE the grapes idea!!!

Watching a scary movie? Skip the popcorn and have a cup of frozen berries for an icy treat... 

There are loads of really easy healthy ways to enjoy Halloween without being sponsored by Cadburys! Your body isn't a rubbish bin... so don't treat it like one... Its just one day!

Fab losses continue on the challenge! Christmas is just around the corner!!!


  1. Great Ideas for Halloween, will def try out the apple teeth. Down a pound this week! FitFab40

  2. Hey Doll down another 4.5lbs this week..

  3. Love the fruit and veg snacking ideas.
    I STS this week and am off to New York for a week so I wont be weighing in next week.
    Will deffo need some WW support after the States...although lots of walking Im sure..but oh the burgers and ooooooh the pizza!...Bellabelly x

    1. I'm SOOOOO jealous... NY is my fav place in the world!!! Enjoy every bite!!! x

  4. Morning all, fantastic weight losses, seriously impressive! Down 1.5pds last night - finally got my first silver 7 :)

    1. YAY! well done... not easy to get those feckers... x

  5. These all look amazing! Can't wait for the mini mummies recipe to come!

    J x

  6. Loads of great ideas! I hate Halloween Three trick or treaters with three bags full of goodies Will need every ounce of willpower I possess not to dip in!! Down half a pound this week
    JoJo xxx

    1. Well done! Thankfully I was cleaned out last night!

  7. Hi doll,

    Soory for not updating last week!

    i was down 1 lb on 18/10, and down 2.5lbs 25/10

  8. Halloween parties and the hangovers mean I am not behaving :( 0lbs for the week just gone and if I don't get my act together it'll be something on by Wednesday weigh-in. Going to start a walking/running programme tomorrow - yikes!
    Misty x

    1. BUT... you've been on a losing streak and not gaining means you're subconsciously making better choices! I found that after my holidays that I've secretly brainwashed myself! good luck with the running things.. check out he's my hero! x

  9. Happy Halloween Doll.. some great ideas in your post...
    I was down 2lbs on Sat but then the looong weekend kicked in.. its damage control time now for the week!

    1. you're doing great... and its a tough one.. sweet all over the place.. extra night on the tiles... shocked when I was down 1! x

  10. Happy Halloween, great post. thank god I dont have kids and have to worry about all their junk food! I was down 3.5lbs this week so I hit my 3 stone!!! Am delighted.

    1. Fab-YOU-lous!!! Amazing! all the hard work paying off! Skinny Minnie for santa! xxx


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