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'Lunge to the loo!' © Doll

OK today... LUNGES... awww you all sound so happy!!! 

So you might feel like a bit of an eejit but if no ones about.. these are SO good for toning your legs! 'Lunge to the loo' (I'm copyrighting that one!) ... hanging out the washing... lunge your way there... Blow drying your hair... why not?! Only person in the aisle at the supermarket... I DARE YA! If you are taking the lift... lunge in there.. give security a giggle! 

Today... do minimum of 20 on each leg today... hell do 20 side lunges too!

What you should look like.. You're all brunettes yeah?

Want to make it harder... do it off a step... you will feel this in your bum!!!

again here it is explained MUCH better...  

and since you all seem to love them so much... if anyone fancies challenging themselves... heres one to try out... 


  1. Hey Doll - Not sure when you are doing the weigh in for this week but I am down 1lb :)

  2. up a frickin lb! i really do not undertsand this weight loss malarky! dont know where i went wrong this week!!! :(

    1. did you track? and drink enough water? sometimes its a small thing.. and hormones don't help! stick with it... giving up will make you feel worse... if you need to chat.. email me x


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