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Today's mini challenge is squats... standing at the kettle... squat... brushing your teeth.. squat... ads breaks on the telly... squat... and make everyone in the house/office/kitchen with you do it too! Waiting for the microwave in work.. squat!!! Not sure how it would go down on the tram but feck it.. won't it be worth it shaking your very toned booty at the Christmas party!

Squatting is good for the bum (think JLo for Xmas!)... the thighs.. and makes your core muscles stronger... imagine you're about to sit down to watch Paul Hottywood knead some buns (phnnaaarrrr!) (no judging!!!!!) and you suddenly remember you've left the tap running and your bum doesn't quite hit the seat and you use your glutes and core muscles to lift yourself back up again... now do that 20 times... GO!!!! Note: don't leave the tap running that would just be silly!

There's loads of 'how to' videos on You Tube here's one that's short and sweet and might help...

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