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'Mmmmmmm pork chops and bacon .. my two favorite animals!'
Homer Simpson

Oh you thought I was going to babble on about one of these beauties... *drools*

Sorry kids... I'm on a tracking rant... BLTs.. in Weight Watchers camp, stands for - Bites, licks and tastes... We've all done it.. a lick of icing, a nibble of the other halfs cookie... "I'll only have a bite' .. 'No I won't have chips, salad for me .. well I'll just have one or two of yours!'... the kids didn't finish all their fish fingers.. but they managed to make their way into your gob! None of these little beauties ever see the light of day on the trackers of the world.. then we hop on the scales.. righteous.. 'wait for it.. I'm BOUND to be down I've been an ANGEL!' we tell the leader.. uh oh! UP! we're stunned! But I tracked.. I don't understand.. We're outraged...  

Every single thing that goes into your gob... needs to be accounted for.. EVERY. SINGLE. THING!!!! Its really that simple! NASA can hold off on the research... we're not gonna cure cancer with this info... but as the meerkats say... simples! 

TRACK PEOPLE.. just see the difference it makes... one week.. and be honest.. cause if you're lying on your tracker.. the only person you're fooling is you!

OK.. OK!!! Sorry veggies... Here's come some cheats for a BLT... Bibbity Bobbity Bacon!!! 

Doll x

Toasted BLT - 3 ProPoints (Serves 1)

2 Slices WW Brown Bread = 2 PP
2 Slices Parma Ham = 1 PP
1 Tomato - sliced
Handful Shredded Lettuce

Toast the bread
Layer with the sliced tomato and lettuce
Heat a non-stick pan and place the Parma ham on (no oil needed) and fry for approximately 1 min each side
Top the tomato and lettuce with the Parma ham and other slice of bread.

BallyFree Turkey Rashers, per 2 rashers = 1 pp
Bacon - 1 lean rasher = 1 PP, 1 rasher, streaky = 2 PP
Hellmans extra light mayo is only 1pp for 3 tablespoons!
Relish is 1 PP per tblespoon
Grill your tomatoes or better roast them in balsamic vinegar for added umph! Plus you can add any free stuff you like! Rocket, beetroot, onion the works!

One of my favs, cause I LOVE my bacon... is from Skinny Taste check it >HERE

On the run... 
Tescos BLT = 8 PP
GREGGS Classic BLT = 12 PP

and are you ready for this ... sitting down are we... 
Chicken Finger BLT with chips from TGi Fridays  = 42 PP
You heard me! 

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  1. I love the turkey rashers from Ballyfree! They look like tongues though when you cook them! I haven't had a proper rasher in ages, but I don't care as the turkey ones are yummy!


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