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What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?
W. Clement Stone

Lunches... is one of the meals that really get to people.. and if you don't eat breakfast its a big deal... cause you're STARVING by the time it comes around and you'll just grab anything thinking you've got loads of propoints ... then those who have had breakkie, don't want to use too many points but you need all the energy you can muster to get you through the afternoon without choccie! A meal thats too heavy in the middle of the day and there'll be naps at desks... and its the one meal most of us at one stage or another need to grab on the go ... be it in petrol station or a corner shop where the selection isn't great and all we need is energy to get us through the afternoon... and really we all want to save points for the evening when the munchies attack!

First up .. SOUP.. I've posted on here a million times.. HERE's one that's yum, with loads of ideas for added flavour and zero pp.. it fills you up.. its good for you... experiment with it.. freeze it in individual portions and you're onto a winner... its basic staple!

If you have access to a kitchen try the 
Zero PP omlette!

Spray oil your pan and fry off some onions or shallots and use a tbsp of canderel or similar to caramelize them… add cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, some courgettes, peppers whatever you fancy and flavor them with garlic, chilli, pepper etc worcestershire sauce will beef it up a little as will a teaspoon of bovril.. 
I know I know.. but don't knock it till you try it!  

Whisk up 3 - 4 egg whites and get them fluffy.. 
this will give you a bigger omlette both visually and in your tummy… 
you could nearly double the size of the omlette from whisking alone... 

Add a tiny bit of mustard if you want to trick yourself that its yellow! This works! 
Then pour the egg whites over your veg in the pan.. 
turn the heat down and let it cook slowly through… when its nearly done.. 
pop your pan under the grill and brown the top of it.. 
and for 0.5pp met 3 laughing cow extra light triangles over the top! 
You'll be stuffed I promise! AND... only one pan to wash up!

Tricking yourself into think you have more on your plate at lunch time is the key!

For the sandwich lovers amongst us..  a mug of soup before you tuck into a sarnie can make you feel fuller and help cut down the PPs... but try wraps, bagels, Pat the Baker has his new Slims out which are great and different... try an open sandwich... variety is what's going to keep you interested and not just having the same old boring egg sandwich then grabbing a bag of crisps and hitting the vending machine mid afternoon!

Make lunch exciting... I can hear your eyes rolling from here... but take the time to do a lunch box and put it in the freezer... it won't kill you!

Yoghurts, mini cheeses, crackers and don't hit me.. FRUIT! Filling up on a variety of things will mean you'll feel full without rushing in the door and putting on the toaster, before you ever get to making dinner... and takes only minutes to assemble in the evening.. and if your office has a microwave.. when you're cooking in the evening.. add a little extra and bring it in for lunch! My lunch box has started MANY a cooking debate with some added recipe swaps!

BREAD... all listed on the page on the right...  >>>>>>>

lettuce, spring Onion, white/red onion, tomatoes, cress, peppers - 
tip - if you roast these when you're cooking the night before .. YUM! 
cucmber, radishes, capers, gherkins, beansprouts, beetroot, the list goes on...
... all the zero PP stuff can go in here! GO FOR IT!

Capers, Curry Powder, Garlic, Ginger, fresh or ground, All herbs and spices – fresh or dried, lemon, low fat cooking spray, mint sauce, mustard, soy sauce, tabasco sauce, teriyaki sauce, thai fish sauce, fat or oil free salad dressing, Balsamic vinegar.. experiment... 

Tuna in brine/water = 2 pp
1 med slice of roast chicken = 1 pp
2 slices of dennis Crumbled ham  = 1 pp
1 medium slice roast beef 35g = 3 PP
1 portion of King Prawns cooked (100g) = 3 pp
1 medium portion of smoked salmon 60g = 2 pp
1 med boiled egg = 2 pp
1 large boiled egg = 3 pp

Free range egg & cress = 9 pp
Fuller longer italian style chicken & pesto flatbread = 8 pp
Salmon & Cucumber Eat Well sandwich = 8 pp
Low Cal Ham Sandwich = 7 pp

Turkey wrap = 8 pp
Veggie Delite wrap = 6 pp
6-inch Roast Beef on white or wheat bread = 7 pp

BLT = 13 pp 
Free range egg mayo = 10 pp 
Mature cheddar with pickle = 13 pp 
Oak smoked salmon and soft cheese sandwich = 10 pp 
Roasted chicken with herb mayo = 9 pp 
Toasted club sandwich = 14 pp 
Tuna gluten fee = 12 pp 
Turkey feast sandwich = 12 pp

Cheese & ham = 8 pp 
Tuna & Cucumber = 7 pp

BLT = 11 pp
Free Range Egg = 10 pp
Chicken Salad = 8 pp
Tuna Salad = 7 pp
Cheddar Ploughmans Roll - 12 pp
Ham Hock & mustard Pickle Roll = 8 pp
Chicken & Bacon Club = 13 pp
Chicken & pesto Panini = 11 pp
Goats Cheese & Caramelised Onion Chutney Panini = 6 pp
Ham & Cheese Panini = 12 pp
Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Panini = 10 pp
Ragu Meatball Panini = 13 pp
Ham & Cheese Toastie = 8 pp
Ham & Cheese Croissant = 9 pp
Tomato & Emmental Croissant = 9 pp
Chicken Fajita Wrap = 11 pp
Chilli Beef Wrap = 14 pp
Sausage bap/roll = 12 pp
All Day Breakfast Bap = 19 pp
Bacon roll = 10 pp
Tuna Melt panini = 12 pp

Doll x

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