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Jul 17, 2012

Say 'I love you...' week 5

Hey Dolls, this week I am blogging on my mobile, sitting outside a hospital, smoking... So bare with me... I know...

I have heard people spouting on about 'the power of twitter' but never truly realized it was true until now... You know the way you can get a song to number one for charity to posting an event and getting it trending, to learning about people we would, on a normal day not have a breeze about... indeed I have partaken in such trends... Dare I say I was rather chuffed with my wit when #irishshadesofgrey started... I even unlocked my twitter account for the day to join the fun... But this weekend an event occurred that really showed me the 'power' of social networking...

Someone who I love had a massive cardiac arrest at the local pool on Saturday at lunchtime... As he was being resuscitated I was nursing a fabulous hangover, making my way through the Irish times crossword and mentally planning the outfit for dinner that evening, an altogether none eventful Saturday afternoon. I was anticipating a call from someone who was about to become a dad.. and when the mobile rang,  I bellowed ... 'Its a girl!!!!!' the reply... 'You have to get to Vincent's A&E... E's had a heart attack' ... My stomach was in my mouth.. my heart sank... Those 30 secs of hopelessness when you don't know which way to turn seemed to last an hour.. Everything was in slow motion... I told Dave I'd ring him once I got there and dizzied around the house closing windows.. Getting dressed... Faffing with alarms... Upon arrival we were directed to that little room out of the publics eyes that only holds news of the worst kind... An aunt was already there.. Another cousin in the car park ... The three of us sat in a tiny room painted dark grey without a window... Knowing it wasn't good but too scared to say it...  Nurse Jackie, I know, handed me an envelope, his cards, phone, car keys watch... His name labelled on the front... it seemed so final... 'we need some information' ... we tried our best to remember dates, places, meds... 

We didn't have the full story and the pool was closed.. but we have since found out that a young man called Ciaran saved his life without doubt.. to him our family will be eternally grateful...

The consultant met with us, there were no ICU beds in the hospital and he was going to be transferred to another... an emergency ambulance was prepared so it would be best if we went ahead to be there when he arrived...

By midnight another consultant came to see us .. he was honest, frank and despaired in having to tell us the news.. you could see it in his face... His heart had stopped and he had no idea how much damage had been done... He was on life support, we really should get all the family together as soon as possible... he had a 15% chance of pulling through...We were offered tea .. ah... good old tea..  and we got ourselves in to gear.. who would stop for food, who would break the news to the rest.. And who had cigarettes...

Now.. Im very fond of twitter... I escape there regularly to meet folk I've never met in real life! Some take me to funny places and have me giggling all through lunch..  Some are there to bitch about boys, trouble and boy-trouble and some shamelessly flirt and compliment you just to make your day... Some are there just on their soap boxes looking for a scrap if you're in the mood... And i can find out about the weather before I open the curtains... I get the scores from games that are not on TV... I see the Aussies hitting monday morning whilst the yanks are having Sunday brunch... I step in and out as I feel and escape with a different bunch on a merry path to god knows where...  Throughout this ordeal I was understandably free from all this, consumed with how to fix our boy, make this as painless as possible and work out who was going to save him and what we could do apart from wait and clean (my OCD kicked in about 3am!)... But once he was settled and the long night was in store.. I couldn't phone anyone... It was the wee hours... Friends couldn't help and why wake them now... Family were all in motion.. So at about 4am I took a pic of the ICU and sitting under the most amazing moon I tweeted... '24hrs previously I was on South William Street drinking Blue Sapphire Gin and wanting to dance and here I was in ICU feeling totally helpless..' Then I turned the phone off thinking everyone should be tipsy or asleep in twitterland and headed back to the family room to spend the hours laughing and crying...  hoping and praying.. Till we all started smoking to relieve the boredom and escape the crap coffee and try to breathe (I KNOW!!!) .. It wasn't until I checked in at 7am, I couldn't believe the responses.... I was overwhelmed... Why were these people up and thank god for auto correct! People who I laugh at and with daily, people who put up design links that make me go green with jealousy... The gays, divas, ruggers and drama queens and of course the Skinny Dolls who weigh in and who entertain so often had tweeted their love.. From prayers and a hug to DMs offering lifts and any help... The tears flowed...  the virtual hug I had received sitting on the steps of the hospital smoking at 7am as there sun rose on Sunday morning were enough to make me realize these people are kinda special and very important... tweet peeps you are most awesome and I love you!

I would gladly put every single pound and more back on to get our man through.. We're still critical but stable and the signs are good.. we might just be one of the 15% who pull through... so advice and tips this week... If you are fighting with someone.. if there's someone you haven't seen because you're too busy.. tired.. proud or just can't be bothered... pick up the phone.. or make a point of contacting them today and have that cheesy.. 'I love you' phone call.. hug em tight.. because you don't know whats around the corner ... and in every hospital in the country there are families waiting and watching, praying and hoping for their loved one... and it might be your turn next... so don't make the mistake of thinking .. I'll do it tmrw.. Say  a few prayers for us.. whatever god you pray to... we'll take anyone help at this point.. we're not fussy! To say I have lost the plot point wise is an understatement... not ONE piece of fruit in the hospital shop (and they wonder about the obesity epidemic!) Weigh in below and I'll catch up with you all in the couple of days when life is a bit clearer...

and for the record.. I love all you guys .. you motivate and inspire me all the time.. and keep me on track! so there cheese central!

Doll xxx


  1. Sending you all the love and thoughts in the world, phone calls like that make your heart live in your toenails. Will be thinking of ye and praying and hoping that everything turns out okay. Take care of yourself xxxx

  2. We're always here no matter what time of day pet *stalker face* but seriously praying for you and your family and here if you need a chat or distraction okay? xxxx

  3. Damn girl you made me well up! I really hope he pulls through x big hugs to you and your loved ones xx

  4. All my thoughts are with you doll. If you need anything we are all here for you and I will be praying that he pulls through. Look after yourself xxxxx

  5. I'm doubling up on the prayers for you all, hope everything turns out OK. xx

  6. Oh God, I'm so sorry, I know how it feels to be fighting a percentage, my Dad had one of them hanging over his head, 2 years later he's better and healthier than ever. Hang onto your hope, and find out if the hospital has fridges on the wards, when we used to visit dad the nurse would give us fruit and tea because we had no stomach for the shite in the shop. Puts the whole weightloss thing into perspective :/ xx

  7. Doll

    My prayers and best wishes are with you .

  8. Miss Kitty Here sending you a Hug,

  9. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.

  10. Keep the faith beauty x @glendapups

  11. Hopefully he will be the 15% and all will be well. Life really does like to give you a big ounch every now and again.

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