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Skinny Bunny - You're the one that I want!!!

Yep .. no one wants to do it... its called exercise.. but I say if its not fun.. then don't bother! So.. lets rename it... dancing.. gossiping... paddling ... even making tea - 4 mins to boil the kettle.. march on the spot... 4 mins exercise DONE! Yep they all burn calories...

This weekend... call a buddy and catch up on the gossip walking around the park... if there's a 4 legged friend in your life they will LOVE you for a big long adventure exploring ... they need to be kept healthy too! You'll be their BEST friend!

If the weathers crap.. line up 5 of your favourite tracks... let us know what they are, I"m trying to make teh ultimate workout track list! Then... throw some shapes!!! Don't stop for a cuppa.. or a loo trip.. just dance your ass off! Nothing more fun than a boogie round the kitchen! Get hot and bothered.. sing along.. and sweat it out... I have been know to throw on some 80s pop and move like Jagger!!! Got Grease? Slumdog Millionaire? doesn't matter what the soundtrack if you love watching it, stick it on and shimmy along with John travolta be it Saturday Night Fever or Pulp Fiction.. you'll get up and dance along... We've all got that dodgy DVD we don't admit to! Don't we? DON'T WE?!?! eek!

Even Kevin Bacon told us to 'cut loose'

Even better... hit the shops WITHOUT your wallet and get your 20 mins planning your Easter outfit! See what's out there... the new trends.. colours... There's an hours walk in there without even thinking about it! Walk the length and breadth of the shopping centre and enjoy the shops while you burn up calories! Simples!

This weekend I have two birthday gigs to attend to.. and I'm designated driver so I won't DRINK my PP.. and I intend to boogie the night away!! PLUS no cake! I'm not a big cake fan anyway.. as regulars know I'm a crisp junkie... savoury all the way.. so I'd only be eating it because its there... Theres a weigh in on Monday and its 1lb towards being a half a stone lighter!

So what are the exercise plans you skinny lot? Bit of Bollywood anyone?


  1. Love ur idea of the songs!!!!! I'm going to do that. Ber

    1. LOL I spend more time trying to pick the songs than I do dancing to em! LOL It puts you in a good mood too! x


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