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Skinny Bunny - Tracking

So.. how's the tracking going? I've got a diary I keep with me ALL the time and fill in EVERYTHING that goes in my trap!

Some of you have mentioned some great apps that you use.. I may be transferred to the techie side...

Here's a gal to watch and follow on YouTube... its Miss WeightWatch check out her food journal here...

VLOG Day 1 Weight Watchers - Francesca Dee - Food Journal

She has some great tips and her recipes are FAB... easy to follow and scrumy... I've made most of them following her along the way.. its like Nigella in your kitchen! LOL

Remember if it goes in your smacker.. it goes on the tracker!!!

We're nearly through week 1 ... I'll set up a post for weights can be posted on Monday!

Doll x

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