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Giveaway 2! It's all in the nose!

"Christmas Dinner Syndrome

The Christmas Dinner Syndrome, as explained in "Reader's Digest," purports that immersing yourself in a food scent often suppresses your appetite. The name of the theory comes from the phenomenon on Christmas Day where all guests are enticed by the smell of the food and ready to feast but the cook is not. The cook spent his day immersed in the food smells, which often kill off the craving for those particular foods, and generally sates the appetite."

You know how I'm always on about how I eat with my eyes... like.. if my plate is full then I feel like I'm getting a 'proper' dinner... hence the smaller plates in my house! If you make your food interesting and serve yourself well... you know... use the fancy glass for your juice... then you feel satisfied... well apparently .. this now goes for the nose too! A few discussions yesterday with friends and colleagues have noted that if you smell vanilla then you can curb the chocolate craving... now I'm a savoury gal.. so you can keep your chocolate but it seems they're not lying to me! Proof is out there that you can actually stop cravings with just the smell of something... If its choclate get yourself a vanilla candle or some vanilla essense in the supermarket! It really works!

So what things do you do .. to curb cravings? add your little tips and tricks below and there's some fabulous smellies on offer, boy and girl friendly I promise! Winner will be chosen on the 23rd of March!

A girl in work swears by a cup of coffee to get her past the worst ... Mine is to paint my nails when I get a my crisp craving in the evening... I won't dip my fresh polish into a bag of Salt'n'vinegar! Doll x

PS: Happy St. Patricks day everyone! x


  1. Well, well, you learn something new everyday. I didn't know about the vanilla. I try to chew gum. Not quite sure of it works though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I brush my teeth or chew gum if I'm out n about.
    I'm a savoury rather than sweet too.
    4am here and fighting urge to have one of my kids pop tarts now though, or a handful of those yummy Krave Kellogs cereals , woke up and can't get back to sleep - having a cuppa tea and 1 rich tea biscuit instead :/ and reading blogs an fbing

  3. I try to keep healthy snacks in stock. If I have to have something I let myself have a treat once in a while.


  4. I know it's not a long term solution but I love a cold can of diet coke to help pass the cravings. It's just sweet enough to feel like you're having a treat!I must try the vanilla though

  5. If I'm by a computer when I get a craving, I go onto pinterest and look at the fitness page and see all the motivational pictures and usually this gives me the willpower to avoid snacking!

  6. CHOCCY PHILLY! On Danish cracker breads (light choices in Tesco)! It's just like having nutella on toast, just not as naughty =)


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