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SEE the weight loss!

OK so this is how much weight you guys lost this week! Not everyone has even weighed in yet.. AWESOME! Skinny Bunnies are US! So a tip at this weeks class was track your losses! Not just your food! So here's a little graph for those doing the Skinny Bunny Challenge, the grey dots are 1lb and 2lb losses... for a half or full stone in 7 weeks! Onwards and downwards, here's to week 2! Doll x


  1. woohoo just measured today - I didn't lose lbs as I already posted on wednesday yet I have lost 1 inch off waist and hips :)

  2. Hi,

    I came across your page recently and I'm trying to find an email address to contact you on to ask if you would please consider adding a link to my website. I'd really appreciate if you could email me back.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hi Emily, Can you attach a link to your site here? is it a blog? I can add it to the weekly lists of blogs here which change as people add new posts, they're all people who inspire me or who I know my followers will love too! Post the link here.. I couldn't find an email for you either! eek! LOL Doll x

  3. My goodness skinny doll thats a lot of weight OFF well done YOU KEEP it up OK I love this site and will check on your progress often YEEHA to you Patricia X


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