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WEIGH IN 6 - 2012

I know!!! I KNOW!!!! BUT as I missed last weeks weigh in ... this is two weigh ins in one... plus my last weigh in really got me down as I had a brill week but it just didn't show on the scales! So tonight was a sparkly silver 7 and my first stone of the year!! A very happy Doll indeed! If it goes in your smacker.. it goes on the tracker! Doll x


  1. Fantastic, what an inspiration you are. congratulations.
    and a big thank you.

  2. Hi. What a brilliant site!! Can you tell me the pro points in chicken satay please?? Thanks..

    1. Hi Anon, In the WW eating out guide (chinese section) as a main it's 18 PP! In the Thai section, as a skewer its 5PP ...sadly it's one to avoid! grrrr.. I'm a HUGE satay fan! I'm on the hunt for a low cal recipe to see if I can make it at home for less PP.. Hope this helps... Doll x

  3. Woohoo!! What a fantastic weigh in, well done chick xx

  4. brilliant result :) keep it up having a great result this year

  5. Woo!! long time reader, first time poster but when I scrolled down and saw the scales said -7.5, well done, brilliant!

  6. Thanks peeps... it was three weeks with NOTHING.. clearly my body is behind my head! LOL ... onwards and downwards ladies! x


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