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YEP ITS HERE!!! That one day of the year we are contractually obliged to eat pancakes... work with me here!

Now there are MANY recipes out there.. whole wheat... egg whites only ... the works.. but for the basic pancake.. its 1 PP... Here's the offical link to WW and their recipe...


I make mine especailly thin so it looks like I've got more to eat, I'm a gal who eats with her eyes! A large skillet / frying pan will mean you can make them nice and thin, and remember to point your fillings! TIP: get some greek yoghurt to replace cream and you'll save propoints... Here's some ideas... PANCAKES

Good old lemon and sugar is the way to go in my opinion... but if you're having them as your main meal then savoury is a good way to go with a poached egg and some lean bacon, throw in some 0PP mushrooms, grilled tomatos and you'll be stuffed!

Happy pancake day!!! Doll x

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