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WEIGH IN 5 - 2012

Slow and steady win the race... down another half pound.. as I was reminded at the scales... half a pound a week for the year is 2 stone! New week when you step off the scales! Doll x

Oh and check out the giveaway below.. if you're not in .. you can't win as they say! x


  1. Yay! Im a firm believer that slow and steady is the key :)

  2. This is a life saver! Weighed in at 15st9lb.....can't believe it....the journey seems soooo daunting, but hopefully this will help me along and I won't feel ''alone'' while dieting!! First weigh in since starting on Wed 15the Feb.....gulp! Keep up the blog, is great!

    1. Hey Gaby! We're all in this together so ask any questions if you're stuck and if I can't find out... I can guarantee one of the followers will know! One step at a time.. that's how we'll get there... Like my leader always says.. its not a race.. its a journey! x


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