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This week - The two step diet!

The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that's the day you start to the top. - O. J. Simpson

We all know it has to be done... even on the coldest day - and its ffrreeeezing today - yes .. its exercise.. and all the excuses in the world don't wash.. This is Ireland and we're not exactly famous for our weather but there's some pretty good evidence that getting outside is better for you than the gym! Exercising outdoors when its cold encourages your body to burn more calories and because your metabolism works even harder to to maintain your core body temperature, and the more you do it.. the better you'll feel.. soon you won't even feel the cold! you'll just feel refreshed!

sooo.. excuses... who's got one?!? Take your pick!

I can't afford a gym
- Who is asking you to join a gym? Put one foot in front of the other and leave the house.. The push is to get out the door.. because trust me once you've got the trainers on ... and are standing at the door.. you will do it.. its that push from the couch, its that 'i'm too tired after work' feeling that we need to get over.. and you only have to walk for 10 mins turn around and come back! 20 mins done and trust me you'll feel SOOOO much better after... go to a park... walk to the shop... meet a pal and you'll definitely get there.. the thought of someone waiting for you will spur you on!

The weathers crap
- Breaking news ... its not going to get any better! and a further shocker - you're not made of sugar.. you won't dissolve! Next!

I HATE exercising - but you love dancing.. riding your bike... ice-skating.. all exercise my friends! Choose something you love doing and you'll be exercising without all the drama!

I don't have enough time... but here you are on the Internet a little longer than you intended... you couldn't POSSIBLY miss Eastenders! One of the gals in my class has a new baby and she brings each piece of laundry up the stairs one at a time! now THERE's dedication! She finds it hard to leave the house with a new born as it is... so she's made her house the gym... and all without having to pack half the house to get to the park! Write it in your diary/calendar .. its an appointment just for YOU! Oh and the 'I've got kids' card doesn't wash either.. bring them, the dog and granny with you!

Even just 5 mins here and there helps... whilst your waiting for the kettle to boil.. march on the spot... another member in my class has the yellow pages (remember that!) beside her chair and whilst she watches her soaps she does step ups for every ad break... that's 4 mins exercise every 15 minutes!

There ARE no excuses... only benefits.. so one paw in front of the other .. left.. right.. left.. right! Lets go! Doll x


  1. You're not made of sugar.. you won't dissolve BRILLIANT!!! I braved the cold and the rain this morning for a 5.5k run and you are right, feel brilliant now

  2. This used to be me! I never had time but could sit and watch tv all night.
    You're so right, once you 're out that door you feel better for it x

  3. Thanks Skinnydoll I was looking for some inspiration & I just found it!!


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