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Nov 18, 2011

PPPOTD - Holidays are comin'... holidays are comin' ...

Actually, it only takes one drink to get me loaded. Trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or fourteenth... George Burns

It's coming... there's no stopping it and it's been there since the little people went back to school in September! Yep.. Christmas... There's tinsel in tesco and both the Coke and Guinness ad have aired on the tellybox .. it's here.. like it or lump it! And... that means PARTY time! Which in camp Doll is drinkies... hey its Ireland I'm contractually obliged with the DNA I've got! BUT lets remember how calorie laden those bottles of fun are!

I was recently sent a sample of a yummy new vodka called Gecko.. Now this is one of those flavoured Vodkas so if you're not a vodka kid or indeed are a bit of purist then .. look away... The sweet caramel flavour is YUMMY.. and those who know me as a hardened gin drinker I may have been converted! This bottle was shared at the launch of my new kitchen, yep THAT'S why I've been missing.. my house is FULL of builders and dust.. yes laydeeezzzz... BOB-el-Builder is in possession of my kitchen and living room! *keep the wolf whistles down please!* This does mean however that recipes shall commence shortly in FULL force! stay tuned! I digress..

I tried this vodka neat, and with ice and a pal tried it over ice cream.. you heard me... and its delish... market wise its being positioned as tasty alternative to Tequila/Sambuca, its a definite yes for those with a sweet tooth...

Here's the lowdown on it..

Per 35 ml shot = 3 PP
Calories (kcal)78
Energy (kj) 288
Fats 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Protein 0 g

Check it out if you see it for sure!

For the rest of you... the definitive Christmas list is below.. go easy on it.. remember its empty calories.. and age means that the hangovers last ever longer... sigh.. as the ad says.. Drink Sensibly kids... Doll x

On the tiles...
Bacardi Breezer per bottle = 4pp
Baileys per 50ml = 6pp
Bulmers Light per 330ml bottle = 4pp
Champagne 750ml = 20 pp
Coors light per bottle = 4pp
Cider sweet per pint = 8pp
Cider dry per pint = 7pp
Guinness per pint = 6 pp
Heineken per 330ml bottle = 5 pp
Kopperburg cider per bottle = 8 pp
Lager per pint = 6 pp
Lager per bottle (330ml) = 3 pp
Lager Low alcohol per bottle = 1pp
Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 330ml bottle = 4 pp
Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 500ml can = 6 pp
Miller per 330ml bottle = 5pp
Port per 50ml = 3pp
Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 35ml (Irish pub measure) = 3pp
Sherry per 50ml = 2pp
Schnappes per 35ml = 4pp
WeightWatchers wine per 125ml = 3 pp
West Coast Cooler 250ml = 5 pp
West Coast Cooler 750ml = 14 pp

WINE - per 750ml
Red wine = 19 pp
White wine dry = 18 pp
Rose = 19 pp
White medium = 20 pp
White sparkling = 19 pp
White sweet = 25 pp

Bloody Mary = 4 pp
Sex on the Beach = 8 pp
Strawberry Daiquiri = 4 pp
Pina Colada = 6 pp
Cosmo = 6 pp
Vodka Tonic = 3 pp
Manhattan = 8 pp
Screwdriver = 5 pp
Frozen Mudslide = 11 pp
G&T = 4 pp
Jack & coke = 4 pp
Mai Tai = 10 pp
Rum & coke = 4 pp
Mojito = 6 pp
Martini = 6 pp
White Russian = 7 pp
Bloody Mary = 4 pp
Margarita = 6 pp
Frozen Daiquiri = 4 pp
Long Island Ice Tea = 7 pp

On the wagon...
Aldi Low Cal Hot Chocolate = 1 pp
Apple juice, 1 glass 100ml = 1 pp
Cadburys Highlights sachet = 1 pp
Capri Sun Orange = 2 pp
Cola regular, 330ml can = 4 pp
Cola diet = 0 pp
Cranberry juice, 1 glass 100ml = 2 pp
Drinking chocolate, 1 tbsp = 2 pp
(brands to vary so please check)
Orange juice, unsweetened, 100ml glass = 1 pp
Red Bull 250ml can = 3 pp
Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml can = 0 pp
Tea, all types = 0 pp
Tomato juice, 100ml glass = 0 pp
Tonic water, 250ml = 2 pp


  1. Www I love flavoured vodkas! I had a shot of hazelnut liqueur at the weekend, it was so good I had a second!

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