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Oct 23, 2011


los amigos son besos que nos mandan los angeles
friends are kisses sent to us by the angels

Now that the Rugby World Cup is over normal services can resume! Yep for those who didn't know "My names Doll and I'm a rugger gal" .. altogether now.. "Hi Doll!" So for the last 6 weeks or so I've made arch enemies of the English, Italians, Scots, Russians and many many more.. for those 80 mins on the field! Still its all over now and we're all friends again.. see where I'm going with this one..

Today, amigos, we're going mexican! I LOVE mexican food.. burritos, tacos, nachos.. I could drool forever but the "cheese factor" and the "sour cream factor" SIGH! and I've found some great recipes for Guacamole which I've added here that have ALL the flavour but are ProPoint friendly!

First up the recipes -

On the WW UK site there is a yummy version of Mexican Soup! just try it!!! its delicious! > HERE

For guacamole I've found two recipes that hit the spot...
One again from the WW UK site > HERE

And the other from a blog I love.. > HERE it's SERIOUSLY full of flavour! NOM! NOM! NOM!

Tips when dining as a Mexican...
Sour Cream is LOADED with ProPoints, go for Creme Fraiche or natural yoghurt to give you that creamy fix... Don't be too heavy handed with the cheese.. there are lighter, low fat cheeses to use so if you're cooking, then you're shopping, so go lighter.. Lots of veggies are great for wraps and tacos so bulk up on the zero ProPoint stuff.. and .. I keep saying it.. SPICES.. adding all kinds of spices will give you your fix!

I've ProPointed the most popular brand in my local supermarket to give you an idea of what the values are.. enjoy amigos.. Doll x

Chunky Salsa 3 Tbsp - 1 ProPoint

Enchilada Sauce, total for jar - 8 ProPoints

Chilli con Carne sauce total for jar - 6 ProPoints

Cheese Enchiladas per portion - 4 ProPoints

Roast Tomato Fajitas per fajita - 4 ProPoints (this includes salsa, mix & tortilla only)

Crispy Chicken Fajitas per fajita - 5 ProPoints (this includes salsa, mix & tortilla only)

BBQ Fajitas per fajita - 4 ProPoints (this includes salsa, mix and tortilla only)

Mild Fajitas per fajita - 4 ProPoints (this includes salsa, mix & tortilla only)

Nachos 1/4 of the pack - 9 ProPoints

Flour Tortillas

Corn Tortillas per wrap small - 4 ProPoints

Salsa Tortillas per wrap large - 6 ProPoints

Flour Tortillas per wrap large - 5 ProPoints

Taco Shells per shell - 2 ProPoints

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