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Jul 1, 2011

PPPOTD - Schools out!

You heard me... they're free!! Trying to get a seat on the tram yesterday was ridiculous... hoards of teenagers with Primark bags... and you know now they're out of school.. they're out of a routine... as are you! Now I don't have kids but I do have lots of friends with little people, and at this time of year, things that are never in the house start creeping in and the little devils eat half of 'em and leave them there to taunt you! Recently my friends 5 year old wanted a 99 in the park so I bought her one, she had two licks and handed it back to me... guess who finished it off!!! The dreaded sleepover becomes a minefield of pizza slices, chocolate treats and late night munchies.. The best you can do is PREPARE... if there are things in the cupboard they like then they're less likely to waste their pocket money on junk... buying multipacks can help, the bags are smaller than the individual packs you get in your local corner store.. PLUS you can buy the "light" versions and they really won't care so much.. it means you can have a treat too without all the drama... you can save 3 or 4 ProPoints buy picking a different multipack of crisps per bag... for the sleepovers.. get them involved in some cooking, making their own pizza, icing their own MINI cupcakes, make sparkling jelly (set this in cocktail/fancy glasses and they'll feel ALL grown up!) and that way the house isn't full of leftovers that are just too tempting! Finally... get them OUTSIDE.. walk the dog together, washing windows, day trips to the beach with a homemade picnic.. bicycles rides, damn it even dust of the roller skates to get them moving! If only they had been given enough homework for the next few months eh? Doll x

Some of the culprits from a kids picnic I recently attended!!!

These harmeless looking marshmallow biscuits are 3 ProPoints each!

Angel Delight is FULL of god knows what but its delicious and kids love it.. 3 ProPoints per serving - made with semi skimmed milk you get 4 servings per pack

These guilty little things are from Aldi and are 1 ProPoint each - problem is they aren't individually wrapped so once you open them... track 'em!

Unknown forms of snacks appear from nowhere! There monster munch are 5 ProPoints per bag!

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