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Jun 22, 2011

PPPOTD - Cabonara...

So its Italian night again but we can't have creamy sauces right? Avoid at all costs? BOO HISS... well actually no .. BUT the best way to include Cabonara is to make it yourself ... there are plenty of ready made versions available but you'd be better off eating wall paper paste! The "express" versions are even worse... This recipe is quick and yummy, I use the low fat bacon bits from ALDI - rather than the WW branded bacon... (too costly and not even that nice..) various types of mushrooms, leek and peppers will fill it out..oh and swap to wholewheat spaghetti to up the fibre intake too! nom nom nom... Doll x

Here's the basic recipe, then get creative -

For emergencies...

4 ProPoints for the pack (100g)

6 ProPoints for the tub (4 per 100g)

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