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Apr 4, 2020

Swap Saturday - Mini Mozzarellas from Lidl

These are the mini mozzarellas from Lovilio in Lidl... perfect for popping on a homemade pizza wraps (they are lovely and melty!) or to add to a salad... a simple swap for half the Smartpoints!
Anyone else a fan? x

Lidl, Lovilio Mini Mozzarella light
SPs per drained weight
30g - 1SP
40g - 2SP
50g - 2SP
55g - 3SP
60g - 3SP
per 125g tub - 6SP

Lidl, Lovilio Mini Mozzarella
SPs per drained weight
30g - 3SP
40g - 4SP
50g - 5SP
60g - 6SP
per 125g tub - 12SP

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