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Nov 21, 2019

Loyd Grossman sauces...

More 'no added sugar' sauces spotted in Tesco this week... I've done the SPs for both the original sauce and the 'no added sugar' version just to see how much you'd save by swapping to the lower sugar version... I'm not a huge fan of sauces out of jars but sometimes when you're trying to get dinner ready they're so handy and remember not everyone enjoys making stuff from scratch... I've done the SPs for the full jar... x

Loyd Grossman 'no added sugar' Bolognese sauce 
per 350g jar - 6SP

Loyd Grossman Original Bolognese sauce 
per 350g jar - 9SP

Loyd Grossman 'no added sugar' Tomato & Basil sauce 
per 350g jar - 8SP

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