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Oct 29, 2019

Ready made mash from M&S

Sometimes you don't have the time to go boiling veggies and mashing 'em up... and to me, mash is one of the best comfort foods around! More supermarket chains have their own brand of mash out there and I spotted these in M&S... SPs for 100g and the full tub... 

Anyone tried them out?

Cook with M&S - Cauliflower Mash
per 100g - 2SP
per 280g - 5SP

Cook with M&S - Smoky Red Pepper & Carrot Mash
per 100g - 2SP
per 300g - 6SP

Cook with M&S - Pea & Mint Mash
per 100g - 3SP
per 300g - 8SP

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