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If you like Pina coladas...

Admit it you sang that didn't you? Every now and then products come out and I see them knowing they'll be high in sugar so I know they're just not for me... Since my love of gin has grown over the years, pina coladas are relegated to the holidays of my 20s when I thought I was ever SO sophisticated! God bless me but I do still love the taste of them unlike many of the drinks from my youth... so this limited edition intrigued me! Brace yourselves... the 450g tub is 25SP now think of your Greek yoghurt and the skinny syrups you can lash into it! I'm not saying don't eat it but normally I wouldn't even bother pointed things like this for myself but curiosity got the better of me... 100g - 5SP

The Collective Great Dairy - Pina Colada Limited Edition
100g - 5SP
450g tub - 25SP

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