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Light Snack boxes from Philadelphia...

Snacks on the go are a summer thing for sure.. when the weather is nice it's lovely to pack up some goodies and have a picnic somewhere... I mean eating outside is the best when the bugs play fair! 
These a pack of three individual snack boxes from Philadelphia, so easy to transport, handy enough to recycle the box and still get a bit of a crunchy treat in your day! Anyone tasted them? x

Philadelphia Snack Light & Tasty 
Soft Cheese Dip & Breadsticks
per 42.6g portion - 4SP

Philadelphia Snack Light & Herbs 
Soft Cheese Dip & Wholegrain Breadsticks
per 40.5g portion - 3SP

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  1. In the states we don't have this product yet but we do have Laughing Cow. They are great to have to carry along with you when you're out for the day or a snack at work.


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