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May 28, 2019

Rosie & Jim Gluten Free Range...

It's the weekend and everyone is getting something from the chipper... by the time they get back you could have you're southern fried chicken ready to go... I'm sure someone will message me a recipe on how to do this yourself at home for way less points but if the will power is weak and the freezer is empty then you could do WAY more damage than just being one step ahead of yourself! Rosie & Jim do a gluten free range that I spotted in SuperValu... nothing is off the menu with SmartPoints so you can spend 6SP on your battered chicken and the rest of proper chipper chips and enjoy every bite! 
Anyone tried it yet?

Rosie & Jim Southern Fried Goujons
per 125g portion - 6SP

Rosie & Jim Battered Chicken Chunks
per 125g portion - 6SP

Rosie & Jim Southern Fried Chicken Fillets
per 125g portion - 6SP

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  1. I have tried the Gluten free chicken breast. It's lovely and worth it at 6 smartpoints