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Oct 22, 2018

Your future is in good hands...

Being sick for the last two weeks had really shown me just how much we have to look after ourselves, properly! The first week of not resting up and doing what I was told only led me to get worse, much worse and I was kicking myself for not listening to my doctor... I suffer from bronchitis nearly every year now and I'm used to inhalers and the annual 2 weeks of no sleep so I should have known better... Yes, I've cabin fever, I got a bit lonely but I'm responsible for my health... me! I'm responsible for my weight loss and feeling happy in my own skin can only happen if I look after myself properly... so this week some self care, a healthy food shop and a lot of fresh air now my lungs are improving... if you see me strolling around Marley gimme a wave! I am going to class this week, not because I want to know what I weigh but because I need to be accountable and if I give myself permission to miss one class, I will most definitely let it slide and give myself many classes off! I need the companionship... nothing like being in a room full of people who understand where you're at, I need the accountability and I get so much out of my class so I stay religiously and if I can't get to mine I always try to make another one! So slowly back on track, final check up on Wednesday with the doctor... cross all fingers and toes please... x

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