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John West - Spreadables

These little pots of tuna are SO handy for lunch but a little on the high side for me... John Wests tin of tuna is only 1SP and add a little 'lighter than light' mayo from Aldi and you're all set for a couple of points... your herbs and spices can make a world of difference too! If you're stuck and just fancy tuna these can be handy and you know exactly what you're getting as opposed to anything you might get at a random deli counter... x

John West Spreadables, Tuna, mayo & sweetcorn, 80g - 5SP

John West Spreadables, Tuna Mediterranean, 80g - 4SP

John West Spreadables, Tuna Mexican style, 80g - 4SP

John West Spreadables, Tuna mild curry, 80g - 6SP

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