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Stay in your own lane!

This is the mantra I try to live by... 
Stay in your own lane... 

This is true of every aspect of life. Often I get messages telling me the Weight watchers is rubbish and some other group is MUCH better and I should move... I normally don't reply, because random strangers don't know anything about me, they think they do and yes I haven't been the perfect weight watcher member but who has?! I derailed, I put my paws up and I'm getting back to where I want to be... People messaging me about promoting the diet industry just get blocked, I don't promote anything, I don't flog WW products, I don't tell anyone to go to a meeting, I just share my journey and how I NEED a meeting, I NEED accountability I CAN'T do it on my own, I NEED the support and understand of others who understand how I feel about my body... and if me wanting to be a happier version of myself upsets someone else, they need to get back in their own lane! 

Of course there are times when we need to all get out of our lanes as a community, this weekend the anger and rage at the popes visit just made me stay off line, I was too angry about the waste of resources that this country needs to spend on people who desperately need it... I'm not against religion, I stay in my own lane... if you believe that Buddha, Allah, Jesus or even unicorns are in charge of the universe good for you but when any of those things hurt our communities we need to stand together and get out of our lanes collectively as a people... I'm very proud to be of this generation of Irish people who are standing up for all Irish families who need love and support... The divorce referendum helped families, the marriage referendum helped families and the abortion referendum helped families and it seems to be one fight against the system after another but our collective voice is being heard... We are becoming a nation of people who are prepared to stand up against the wrong doings and protect our families... 

Your lane is yours, your journey is about you... you do what works for you... Count points, syns, calories or don't count anything at all but whatever you do, don't get preachy from your lane and if anyone peeps into your lane and doesn't have something nice to say tell em to get right back into theirs!

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  1. Very well said. THANK YOU FOR THAT! Ignore the haters.


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