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Slim Well range from ALDI!

I'm one of those people who try to make everything from scratch if and when I can, but there are some ready meals in my freezer for those evenings when the last thing you want to do is start chopping onions... Here's the Slim Well range from ALDI, I've pointed them per pack as they vary in size, I've also added the SPs as they appear on the WW UK app, the two meals with chicken breast also have the SPs for Flex... Anyone tried them out? 


Slim Well Cottage Pie, per 500g pack
From the nutritional value on the pack - 8SP
From the WW UK app  - 7SP

Slim Well Sweet Potato Curry, per 550g pack - 10SP

Slim Well Chicken Tikka Masala, per 500g pack - 7SP
On Flex - 3SP

Slim Well Bolognese Ragu, per 450g pack - 6SP

Slim Well Meatballs & Pasta, per 550g pack
Smart pointed as per the pack - 15SP
WWUK app - 14SP

Slim Well Chicken Chow Mein, per 550g pack - 9SP
on FLEX - 6SP

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