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BBQ burgers from M&S!

A selection of the fancy burgers available at M&S at the moment... I had one of the 'skinny dogs' at the weekend and it was SO good! SPs per burger, and remember the weights vary from product to product... anyone tried em out?!


M&S, 'Our Best Ever Burger', 170g - 15SP

M&S, The Grill, Lamb Burger, 170g - 17SP

M&S, The Grill, Aromatic Salmon & Trout Burger, 75g - 4SP
2 burgers - 7SP

M&S, The Grill, Peppered Beef Burger, 114g - 9SP

M&S, The Grill,  Pulled Pork Burgers, 114g - 8SP

M&S, The Grill, Smoked Beef & Cheddar Burger, 114g - 8SP

M&S, Skinny Beef Burger, 100g - 2SP 
2 burgers - 4SP

M&S, The Grill, Skinny Beef Shish Kebab, 78g - 2SP
2 kebabs - 3SP
3 kebabs - 5SP
4 kebabs - 7SP

M&S, The Grill, Skinny Dogs, 100g - 3SP

M&S, Veggie Beetroot & caramelised onion 'not dogs', 80g - 4SP

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