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What does healthy look like?

Below is an image that I always like to share when people tell me they thought they'd be a size 'X' or 'Y' when they lost weight... Healthy isn't a number... it's a feeling... I know I'll get some slack for that but I'm not a believer in the BMI scale... We are all different and we all feel different in our skin so it's a very personal thing to feel healthy... Sure, coming off medications is amazing and not feeling aches pains is a huge NSV... but you feeling happy in your skin is a huge step to being healthy, both physically and mentally... 

All of the women in this picture weigh the exact same... 150lbs yet their dress size (which honestly is a myth and mystery for all of the brands) ranges from a 10 - 18 ... but the number on the scales for each of them is the exact same... but all these women are healthy! So, when you're in despair at the scales and it's not moving... take the scales out of the equation and look at the other ways to measure your health... Can you go upstairs now without stopping? can you play with your kids and not get breathless? Is your skin clearer? Are you sleeping better? This week measure how your feeling about you and your journey... Remember the scales is an inanimate mechanical object that shouldn't make you feel like your failing at becoming a better happier version of you x 

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