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May 8, 2018

Light Bites!

For the crisp lovers, these are from SuperDrug and I tried the Shallot & Cider Vinegar ones and loved them! Small packs but tasty perfect for that crunchy fix! Anyone else given them a go?


Light Bites - Cheddar cheese and chutney
per 23g bag - 2SP

Light Bites - Sweet & smoky chipotle
per 23g bag - 2SP

Light Bites - Roasted shallot & cider vinegar
per 23g bag - 3SP

Light Bites - Pesto & sundries tomato
per 23g bag - 3SP


  1. Yes, the shallot and cider vinegar are delicious, really sharp taste and a flavour explosion-good for 3sp