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What is Weight Watchers Flex? #WWFLEX

Nearly everyone has seen the changes to the Smartpoints Plan on Social Media, Weight Watchers Flex was launched in the UK last November and our lovely Canadian & USA friend welcomed WW Freestyle in December... and now it's finally here in Ireland! Hello WW FLEX!

So what are the changes? Honestly on first glance it's very like the old Wendie plan (for people who are as old as me, and that's pretty old!), where you had points that rolled over so you could have high and low days... but there's some great zero SmartPoint additions if you love chicken or eggs especially! (listed below and I've updated this on the DINNER page on the right)

You'll get your new books in class this week and the leaders are all set to get you going! Your daily & weekly Smartpoints will change, you have to go to a meeting to find out what they are and it's difference for everyone, if you have one of the new calculators you can do it that way too.
Another great change is 4 unused daily SmartPoints can rollover into your weeklies (yay for weeklies!), so if there's something coming up that you really want to have a few extra SmartPoints, you can!

First of the new bits is the pocket guide. This is the list of all the new free SP foods and its pretty handy, it's definitely one to stay in the handbag! 

You'll also get your 'Enjoy food with freedom' book... This is the plan explained in full, and like I said there's no major changes most of the things on the plan are staying the same, just some proteins have got a free pass now! 

There's a new 'Move' book, to get you up and running, literally... The table to work out how many SmartPoints you've earned is updated in the back! 

and the last book in the set is 'Mindset' ... this is a smaller version of the Smile book, which I loved! If you have your smile book, keep it! I think theres' more in it when you need a bit of time to regroup and think about where you are on your journey... 

There's a new tracker, I track in a planner but I know some people love these, it's a lot simpler, no smiley faces anymore :( but there's nothing like a fresh tracker to focus the head! 


The Shop & Eat out guides are revised, I'll be updating the lists on the right over the next few weeks.

Some of the cookbooks have been revised but if you've got a pencil you can deduct the points you have in any recipe for eggs, chicken, fish etc and you're away. I'm going through my fav recipes and working them out over the coming weeks. I'll post them all here! 

Here's the basics....


These foods are now 0SP to be eaten freely until you're satisfied but not stuffed! 

Most Fruit & Vegetables
       Fruit & veg that you STILL HAVE TO SmartPoint are
       Mushy Peas
       Sweet Potato

Protein - All now ZERO SP...
       Hen eggs
       Skinless Chicken & Turkey Breast
       Plant based proteins like
           beans (not baked beans), peas,tofu, lentils & corn

Fat Free plain yoghurt

All unsmoked fish & shellfish

So there you have it! This week in class you'll find out what your new Daily & Weekly points will be and you're all set to go! Having read about it and followed a lot of people doing it for the last few months, it seems like the changes are really working for people! Like they say 'if you don't change, nothing changes!' Here's to a very successful 2018!

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