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Bringing it home with Homebird!

Anyone who reads regularly knows I'm all about keeping it local... sure there are some treats that I like that aren't grown in Ireland but for the vast majority of my grocery shop, I try to keep it seasonal and local... it's much cheaper and tastier too! There's nothing like Irish Strawberries in the summer or stewed apples you pick up from the ground at home... Even my eggs are laid fresh from my mums hens! Supporting local business is really important, and you're supporting local families who rely on jobs at home and all that is really important I think... 

I did a post on these when they launched last year and today I had the pleasure of going to lunch with them and some fellow foodies, finding out how important it is to keep Irish businesses going and supporting the home team when we can... 

The garlic & herb chicken with some 'lighter than light' mayo in a wrap is SO good! Well worth 1SP for 100g! The smoky one is perfect for home made pizza wraps... pile on all the free veggies (tip: roast some red onions in balsamic vinegar and they'll be so sweet) with some worcestershire sauce or a dollop of BBQ sauce - delicious! Plus HomeBird are literally everywhere, so no excuse at lunch time (especially now summer is coming... ignore that snow outside!) ... lots of fresh lettuce, baby tomatoes, beetroot, spring onions and a pack of this and some dressing you've a massive lunch for 2SP max! No excuse to not be eating well! 

The surveys and focus groups say we all want to buy local and buy Irish... but not just any old shamrock on the pack will do... It's got to have the Bord Bia logo to be 100% Irish, otherwise it's meat that's butchered and processed abroad, maybe just sliced in Ireland or packaged in Ireland but it's not an Irish Product... Something I'm really going to be keeping an eye on in future! 

Homebird Irish Roast Turkey, traditional flavour per 90g pack - 1SP

Homebird Irish Roast Chicken, traditional flavour per 100g pack - 1SP

Homebird Irish Roast Chicken, Sweet & Smoky flavour per 100g pack - 1SP

Homebird Irish Roast Chicken, Garlic & Herb flavour per 100g pack - 1SP

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