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We’re all being judged...

You know THAT look... when someone stares at you and they are judging you from head to toe... and we've probably all given that look to other people too even if we didn't mean to... THAT look... that 'I wonder if they have a mirror in their house?' look ... 'I wonder how she got so fat?' ... 'Imagine waking up like her...' It's something I am so conscious of doing... I've been judged all my life and I'm the worst critic of them all, I'm so hard on myself but some days when I think about it, the people with the judgmental stares aren't really in any position to judge me! They're strangers, people I don't interact with and I certainly wouldn't want to be friends with them... Do they look like Brad Pitt / Kate Moss? Are they the perfect weight/height? Wearing the perfect clothes? I mean if their life is so perfect why are they queueing to get on a tram?! Where's the limo?!

Sometimes I wonder if people realise how hurtful it really is? If they really understand that their behaviour can ruin someones day, that someone like me would feel self conscious all day because of  THAT one look... I often look at people with envy, I'd love to be brave enough to wear that top/those earrings/my hair that way... but that boils down to confidence and that's something I'm still working really hard on... It's even worse when it comes from someone close to you and you KNOW they don't have their perfect life together, in fact you're in a better position than they are, yet they feel the need to judge you! 

Next time someone makes a comment on your body, your clothes, or they look at you like you're some sort of freak who is out of control... Just look back and wonder if they've really got it all worked out... Is it done just to make them feel better about themselves? That says more about their character than their dress size and do you really want to let someone like that ruin your day?

The people who make you feel bad about you, 
haven't got their shit together either just remember that!

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