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Go alone or go together?

Sometimes it can be very lonely doing this journey all by yourself... If we could get to goal doing it alone, we'd all be there by now! Sometimes you just need a pal who understands that you really do want it, and they get how hard it can be but they'll be your cheer leader and you'll be theirs... 

This week... txt, call, message, Instagram, Facebook, tweet, DM, visit someone who gets you... Make touch with them... it's the hardest time of the year for most of us... Not only is it cold, miserable and darker every day, but the run up to Christmas makes most people throw in the towel and think 'feck it, I'll start again in January!' but by then there could be an extra stone to lose on top of where we are now! Call on someone who's on you side... There's so much online support online too and many of us would be lost without our meetings... We're not on our own doing this... I've pals doing Slimming world, counting calories, macros and it's just as hard for them without the support... life gets in the way and that's a given, the curve balls keep coming... so lets get there and lets get there together! 

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