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Nov 27, 2017

It’s a good week...

Every week is a good week but then that Friday night feeling comes and *poof* it's Monday and the tracker has a 48 hour gap in it that can only be explained by looking at the camera on your phone! 

Every day is a good day, and just because we lost the plot this weekend doesn't mean we should just write it all off till Santa buggers off in his sleigh... the third week in February/April/June won't be on your mind when you're dipping into another mince pie with a dollop of cream but it kinda should be... It's only Christmas. I know some people love it so much that it hurts but it's just one day and you can get SO swept up in the moment that it becomes one week, one month and before you know it, you're trying to lose the weight you've already lost! AGAIN! 

So this week, make a promise to yourself to have a good breakfast enplane every day, promise yourself you'll do a walk at the weekend no matter how cold it is, and remember next summer when you're trying to get into those shorts you bought this year, will the mince pies have won?  

 Go on, stop reading and get that tracker out! 

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