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It's Monday... The days are getting darker up on this part of the planet... it's getting colder and the big 'C' (I can't even say the word yet!) is ramping up in the shops... ugh... for me its the hardest time of the year to lose weight... I hate the cold and damp... I use every excuse in the book to stay under the duvet instead of going out for a walk... but on days like this, we've got to transport ourselves to  Xmas party time... are we going to walk in head to toe in black? Will we even bother going at all? The decisions we make now, at the hardest part of the journey, is the difference between hiding behind the buffet table and leaving early or sparkling on the dance floor all night long... Ask anyone who has climbed a mountain if it was worth it, and the answer is always yes... Never have I come back from a walk thinking 'I wish I hadn't done that...' 

So lets knuckle down and shine bright like diamonds as the song says! 
Have a great week dolls!

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