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Kinsale Bay Soups!

Back to school and into the autumn routine means soup time... Now not everyone likes making soup, no matter how easy you say it is, it's just not for them... These ready made soups from Kinsale Bay Food company are 400g pots of fresh ingredients. All the more reason to stay away from the packet soups! Half a tub with a wrap is lunchtime sorted, so I've worked out the SmartPoints for both a full and half tubs! There's nothing like proper soup when you get home, when its wet and miserable outside. There are very handy to have in the fridge. I've frozen two of them and they were perfect when defrosted! Definitely worth a try! x

Kinsale Bay Food Co. - Vegetable soup
per 200g half tub - 2SP
per 400g tub - 5SP

Kinsale Bay Food Co. - Potato & Leek soup
per 200g half tub - 3SP
per 400g tub - 6SP

Kinsale Bay Food Co. - Tomato & Basil soup
per 200g half tub - 3SP
per 400g tub - 5SP
This one is SO good!

Kinsale Bay Food Co. - Carrot & Coriander soup
per 200g half tub - 6SP
per 400g tub - 12SP
Higher because it's made with fresh coconut milk.

Kinsale Bay Food Co. - Seafood chowder
per 200g half tub - 5SP
per 400g tub - 10SP
Proper fishy bits in this too! Very filling! 

Kinsale Bay Food Co. - Mushroom soup
per 200g half tub - 3SP
per 400g tub - 5SP

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