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What's your body type?

I remember in my first french class in school, our teacher went round the class asking how many brothers and sisters we all had... I was the only, only child in my class and she said... ah you will need to say this...  'Je suis un enfant unique!' I am a unique child, something my mum would probably agree with but for different reasons! 

All those magazines and online surveys with headlines that scream 'we can fix you because you've got XYZ body type!' is all nonsense! 'Is your beach body ready?!' Like they say, got a body? at the beach? You've already got a beach body! 

You can't package everyone up into the same box! Everyone is different... and people's weight loss journeys are different... Your body type is you! Some people lose two pounds a week and that's that!  Others lose half pound every second week and that's that! There is not one other human on the planet like you and there won't ever be another one like you! You need to do what's good for your body, what make you feel good, what gives you energy and makes you happy! Don't compare your journey to someone else, they're doing whats good for them... Thankfully we're not all the same, we don't all conform to what some magazine tells us... we're all unique so you do you!

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